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Vaasu has been a senior business leader with strong commercial, strategic, legal, finance and management accounting background; he has nearly three decades of diverse experience in multi national, multi cultural and multi racial environment, in automotive and allied, power products, banking, oil & gas, pharmaceutical, shipping, agricultural machinery, food processing, international trade & distribution, entertainment and realty industries. He has been operating in East Africa for nearly two decades, specialised in projects, international trade, ICB businesses and Supply Chain Management. Vaasu is a Sloan Fellow from London Business School, additionally with Masters in Commerce, Chartered Management Accountant (CIMA) UK, Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA) UK, CMA (India), and a life member of Indian Institute of Bankers (CAIIB). Vaasu is one of the promoters of VAYO GROUP.

Yonas Gebregziabher Asefa

Yonas Gebregziabher Asefa, popular as Yonas in Ethiopian businessworld, is an astute business personality with sharp managerial and commercial skills, and has hands on participation as an active stakeholder over the past decades across a wide spectrum of industries such as manufacturing, processing, trading and realty industries, to name a few. Yonas is highly respected amongst his peers and is strongly networked cuttting across different levels and backgrounds, which relationships he has carefully built over the years, and leveraging on such , he plays a crucial catalyst role in promoting VAYO GROUP’s ambitions in Ethiopia. Yonas is one of the founders of VAYO GROUP in Ethiopia whereby his in-depth knowledge and exposure to Ethiopian system of business conduct and governance is an invaluable asset and a great support factor.

Amha Abay G/wolde

Amha Abay G/wolde is an Ethiopian national graduated from Addis Ababa University in Statistics and from International Institute for Aero Space Survey & Earth Science (ITC) Netherlands. He had an impeccable career in Ethiopian Revenue and Customs Authority (ERCA) for nearly four decades. He held several leadership positions in the ERCA such as the Head of Ethiopian Customs Co-ordination office Djibouti Port, Head of Enforcement Department, Head of Integrity Department, Head of Tax Information Department and Customs Advisor to the General Director (Minister). He was also the Member of different National Committees in Ethiopia and in other countries. During his illustrious career span with ERCA, he has attended many Training Programs, Seminars and hold certifications in areas such as General Customs awareness, senior management programs, Risk Analysis, Change Management, etc. in addition to other certifications and programs from abroad in profiler risk management (Philippines), Customs Administration (Japan Tokyo), Trade facilitation (China Wuhan). He has also represented ERCA in different workshops and in several meetings in different African, European and Asian countries. Ato Amha as fondly called is the Group Taxation Advisor for VAYO GROUP and is one of the pillars of the Group’s leadership team.

Abraham Seyoum Negatu

Abraham Seyoum Negatu has a Bachelor Degree in Accounting from Addis Ababa University and he is ACCA, FNST. He has over three decades of work experience in different industries such us construction, manufacturing and merchandise businesses. He has worked as the Chief Finance Officer in his previous engagements prior to joining the VAYO family and has managed organizations with annual turnover circa Birr 3 billion. Abraham has expertise in financial accounting and management, business analysis, systems controls and SAP implementation, in addition to his proficiency in Ethiopian Tax laws and regulations and has been hands on in tax planning matters. VAYO Group is proud to have Abraham in their family as the Chief Finance Officer of VAYO GROUP.

Abinet Zelleke Gebre

Abinet Zelleke Gebre has LL.B from Addis Ababa University and holds LLM from University of London, Queen Mary College. He has over 21 years legal standing with special expertise in Construction and Corporate Law, apart from litigation and arbitration matters. He has worked as a public prosecutor, legal advisor and Head of legal departments in different Government institutions, and also as instructor of law courses at renowned Universities in Ethiopia. Abinet is one of the few renowned authorities in Ethiopia in the field of Construction lawand Corporate Law. His profile of clientele includes government and non- government organizations, foreign and domestic corporates. His expertise includes assisting, advising and facilitating foreign investors in setting up the businesses in Ethiopia, thanks to his ample experience in start-ups, Joint Ventures, Alliances and collaborative contracts. Abinet is the Legal Advisor of VAYO GROUP.

Tamrat Difabachew

Tamrat Difabachew was formerly a senior government official, graduated and specialized in agriculture with over three decades of experience in handling various projects under the Ministry of Agriculture, Federal Republic of Ethiopia and also involved in several World Bank projects across Ethiopia. Tamrat has extensive experience in administraton, human resources, export and import businesseses, and teaming up with the other stakeholders, he was instrumental in establishing / founding VAYO GROUP in Ethiopia. Gaining from his vast expertise, he plays the pivotal role, and directly heads, oversees and guides the Human Resources Department of VAYO GROUP.